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Psycho's and Kids against Racism and Prejudice
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Psycho's and Kids against Racism and Prejudice

Psycho's and kids against racism is more of a name listing than a community. You join the community and give your name if you are against racism and prejudice. Your name is then put on a listing and every week I will update the list of people. Simple eh?

Why did you decide to do this?

I'm very against racism of any kind, be it serious, humourous or whatever. I don't tolerate it. It has got the point that I want to do something about it and see how many people that Racism is wrong. The same thing with prejudice, be it prejudice against your religion, your sexuality, whatever, I do not tolerate it. I'm a pretty open minded person but I do not believe people should judgement towards someone because or their ethnic background or how they live their lives.

So what do I do?

Join the community and fill out the following info in an entry:


I will update at least once a week with new lists. Please tell anyone you know to join the list.


Josh - Moderator.

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